Top 9 Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of

#9 Red Fruit

#8 Wanyi

#7 Velvet apple

#6 Calligonum junceum

#5 Quince

#4 Hog plum

#3 Garambullo fruit

#2 Noni fruit

# 1 Chocolate pudding fruit

What others said about these fruits ?

Derry Berry 2435 Hog plum and june plum is two different things so don’t show a june plum and call it hog plum sincerely angry Jamaican

Amanda Pittar WHY have I never heard of the Chocolate Pudding Fruit? Where can I buy it? Where can I buy seeds? Plants? How do I start an orchard? I KNEW There was a God and he loved me – now I have proof. A fruit that tastes like chocolate that is good for me. hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Kickstarter here I come…..

g paco I have a few suggestions that weren’t in your post. Lanzones, Aratilis (Mansanitas), Duhat, Caimito, Santol, Siniguelas (Spanish Plum), Macopa (Rose Apple), Rambutan, Susong Kalabaw, Bulala, Lipote, Hagis, Sapinit, Marang and Bignay.

Mark Dawson I wanna do my childhood favorite some justice! I’m talking about the velvet apple (mabolo). The color ranges from brown, redish orange, to velvet red, the outside is covered with tiny fuzzy hairs while the insides is white and has a texture of a slightly soft apple. As for the smell, it has an aromatic (a bit stronger) apple like scent, but when it starts to go bad or have bad spots, that’s when it starts to smell awful. The video made it look like these fruits smell like cat shit the moment you pluck it off a tree. Not gonna lie I’m kinda offended y’all

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