Top 7 Survival Gardening Crops to Grow in a Post Apocalyptic World

Red Russian kale is the best for winter. It can thrive in winter, no problem.

What other preppers said about them…

PotatoSnail Garlic would be a good one! Easy to grow, great for adding flavor, and I’ve heard the smell can repel some pest insects.

Martin Fiedler For me, Onions would be on the top of the list.

Travis Cutler My grandmother canned everything, way more than we needed. She would always say you never know, the depression left a mark on her that never faded.

Mitch wojcik When everyone was freaking out about toilet paper I was leisurely browsing the home and garden section for various types of seeds ….. Nobody around me clued in.

Lilith Gothgirlphx BEETS. you can eat the whole thing including the greens, calorie dense and filling. can be canned, pickled, etc., and you can grow them in a bucket in small spaces. Dandelions, super easy to grow and propagate, only need shallow soil, flavorful greens and the root is a diuretic (little herbalism goes a long way).

Suman Magar If only everyone grew a garden outside their house than no one would be fighting for food.

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