4 Easy Steps To Make An Emergency Snow Shelter In 2020

Step 1: Test the depth of the snow and cut the snow for a cave fitting your body

The tool to do the job is cave carver. Make a long horizontal cut to remove chunks of snow quickly.

You cut on the sides and the bottom of the snow chunks.

Step 2: Test the size of the snow cave for your need

Step 3: Seal the cave entrance entirely with chunks of snow

I know that sounds weird but just do it and i’ll explain later on… Fill any cracks with the snow.

Step 4: Cut the door of the cave right under the sealed entrance

Cut the snow until the door is large enough for you to get in and out.

Now let me explain why you make the cave like this. The reason is because you want the warm rising air from your body get trapped inside the cave.

So the heat won’t be wasted while you stay in the cave.

What others said about this …

Kill Switch3204 said I took notes on this article, and I actually went out last winter, and did this, but I had to use pine needles off of pine trees for a bed. I spent a whole week inside that cave, and it did not collapse, nor cave in. It also kept me warm while I was insides, and I had a fire outside also to cook food.

Allan donald said who would have all that stuff with them though?

=> IVAO04ify said The art of survival is being prepared for any situation in the environment of your choosing. While the maker has some nice advanced pieces, all of this can be achieved with a simple folding shovel/axe/saw tool that any surplus supplier sells for a few dollars. The question really is, where do you want to go camping and are you situational aware of the surroundings. If not, why are you there? Your equipment that you take, be that a day hike or over night, to month long trip should reflect not just the environment but also that of your knowledge and skill set. Nature doesn’t have a pause button and can be relentless so take that into consideration.

LeeAnn CoolCat said isnt this extreamlh dangerous? I feel like while your sleeping, the snow on top will fall and drown you

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2 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps To Make An Emergency Snow Shelter In 2020

  1. I would advise marking my location on the surface of the snow above cave. I went through an emergency years ago in a freak “thunder snow storm.” Jackknifed big rig. People froze to death. Snow caves could’ve saved them all. But remember: snowmobile riders, especially inebriated ones, might travel recklessly. You don’t want one of them ploughing you & your cave under.

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