The real secret to catch and cook mud crabs

  • How to make a fire torch

    Sanjay:He be playing Minecraft in real life.

  • How to make a TRIP-WIRE ALARM

    Hi, there, my dear friends, in this video I will show you an interesting idea how to make a strike-ball trip wire from the clothes peg and electric match.

  • The fastest way to escape a duct tape

    cookie monster: don't let the wife see this, its the only 15 minutes of peace I get.

  • Make Soda Bottle String

    Lima Costa: this guy is very industrious & ingenious. The mechanism is so simple, however never could put my thing on it the way he express. Thanks man..

  • How to start a fire withcardboard eggs cartons

    Hydi:I put my lint in a paper towel roll and use it as fire starter. This is a great idea thanks for sharing ❤️.

  • Fire baby

    rebeccablue50every time you guys do that we always think you're cooking the baby😅😅😅😅😅😅.

  • How to kick start a fire

    Youknowthatoneguywho:Sooo basically you used a lighter or match then blew on it with a plastic bag instead of your mouth?????.

  • How To Start a Fire with an Empty Lighter.

    K. D.: Emptying all of my emergency lighters right now, Thanks for the survival tip!.

  • Guys on the Rolls Royce jump looters and take their loot

    Michael McNitt: it honestly looks the the end of the world.

  • Fake police home Invasion attempt. Benefits of having cameras

    The home owner never answered the door so they ended up leaving.

  • How to make a tent out of plastic wrap-Part 1

    Did you hear about making a tent out of plastic wrap ?

  • How to make a tent out of plastic wrap - Part 2

    Ian Nicolai: Good thing i have 9 rolls of plasticwrap with me everywhere i go.

  • How to make a tent out of plastic wrap - Part 3

    Amazing Bushcraft Tent made from Plastic Wrap!.

  • How to make a tent out of plastic wrap - Part 3

    Here is such an interesting hammock- tent.

  • Catch and cook mudcrabs

    Bat:This video never gets old. He's one of my favorite crab hunter..

Nathan Tseng

“He was in the freezer for about an hour so hopefully he won’t feel anything when we chuck him in there.” Rips off limbs


Imagine getting stuck in a trap, then you get lifted up and you hear “IT”S GANNA TASTE GOOD WITH A LEMON”

Jiggsaw Puzzle

I can’t stop watching this mans’ videos, he’s just got such a great vibe. Its not even cause hes got a good sense of humor, or that he tries to stay positive, he’s just a genuine, real guy theres nothing fake about him. You can see that he had interest in making videos its a bummer that all the videos he makes recently he takes takes down fast, I really enjoy watchin caleb grow up.


When your parents kick you out of the house.

Climate Insight

He is like Gordon Ramsay, he can spawn a damn lemon wherever he goes


I remember watching this when it came out thinking it was the coolest thing id ever seen, and it is still up there in 2022 as one of the best youtube videos ive ever seen. Just has such a real energy to it.

Red Wrightyr

He can literally use, “I’ve fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you.” As an insult.

Sonny Ngawhare

Yo this guy will basically eat anything if he has a “DAMN LEMON”

Blur Kryptik

He’s fighting for food while I’m laying in bed eating pretzels


Imagine just coming into the woods and seeing this guy, do this.

Swapz IG

When people walk away from their cameras or drive away, it’s funny bc we know they go back to get it lol

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