Who Else Wants To Pay $129 For A Perfect Gun ?

If you follow my website regularly, you know that we reviewed not only the newest coolest most high-end stuff but we also review things they’re off the beaten path.

and that’s what we got for you. Today is the one that is 100% off the beaten path.

I will be right upfront because this is a strange looking gun and it also has a strange mechanism of action the gun retails for $99 USD for the .380 version and 129 USD for the 9mm version.

Trigger operation

The Altor pistol has a unique trigger operation. Although it’s completely different from any other firearm on the market, its operation is quite simple.

To demonstrate this, the first thing that I will do is to remove the barrel to assure that the firearm is unloaded. With the frame and the trigger in the button safety position with the safety on, I’m going to relieve the trigger pressure and remove the barrel.

Now we know that the firearm is definitely unloaded. To demonstrate the trigger operation we must first put the trigger safety into the off position or the firer ready position.

Then the firearm is intended for a three finger grip on the bottom of the frame and you must have free travel of the fire finger or the trigger finger so that you just fire the pistol by pulling the trigger all the way back with your finger

and just keep your finger going until it is out of the way and the striker will automatically spring forward to fire the cartridge

Again only a lucky pull is required but you must get the trigger finger all the way back and out of the way so that the trigger can allow the striker to spring forward.

This gun is not for everybody but it’s unique and worth to have a look.

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