A research from WHO has revealed that “the virus” ( you know what i mean ) can only live on any surfaces for no more than 9 days. Actually, 9 days under perfect conditions is the max period of time “the virus” can survive.

So what you need to do is to place your mask in a plastic bag, put the date on the bag and just wait. You can overkill by placing the plastic bag under the sunlight.

You can reuse that mask after 9 days. If you have 9 good masks and you have to go out every day , that is how you have to do.

I’m not recommended using microwave for sterilizing masks. I don’t have any data proving that microwave is good or bad for killing the virus.

If you don’t have the patience of waiting for 9 days, you can use this safe and quick method to clean your mask.

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Who Else Wants To Reuse Medical Masks ?

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