6 Easy Steps To Turn A Plastic Bottle Into A Face Mask

Today I tried 5 different drug stores and 1 target. All masks are sold out here in Los Angeles.

In today’s article, I’m going to show you how to make this full face gas mask. You should be ready for any kind of apocalyptic scenario.

Below are the things that we’re going to need for this project.

1. Any kind of generic cheapest soda bottle you can buy

2. Any kind of aluminum can

3. Carbon activated charcoal can be found in any retail

4 .Cotton balls

5. Duct tape

6. Marker

7. Any kind of a knife

8. Electrical tape

9. Scissors

Step 1: Make the face mask with the soda bottle.

I’ll just dump the soda down the drain to have an empty can.

We’re going to draw the pattern that we’re going to cut out from this bottle.

Here it is guys this is how it looks after we cut out the parts from the top and at the middle. If you can notice that the edges are not very straight and sharp in the same time

Step 2: Cover the sharp edges

We fix it by putting the electrical tape around the edges. It is going to make sure that you don’t cut yourself with the edges of this plastic bottle.

Step 3: Make the filter with the aluminum can and activated charcoal.

After you wrap all the edges with electrical tape, what we’re going to do is to get the aluminum can and cut it in half like in the picture below.

Next we’re going to make breathing holes on the bottom,

make sure the holes are not too big so the activated charcoal won’t fall out.

and what we’re going to do next is to get our cotton balls and laying them on the bottom just to prevent the charcoal from falling out from the bottom. You can use cotton tabs to cut in rounds instead of cotton balls .

Step 4: Fill the activated charcoal in the can.

and next what we’re going to do is to pour this charcoal into the can. The next step is to seal the can with cotton balls. You can also use cotton round pads.

Take three or four balls, make them flat and spread them on the top so the charcoal won’t fall out.

Step 5: Mount the face mask to the filter.

We’re going to get our face mask and stick it inside like in the picture below and get some duct tape connect those two pieces together.

You may need to use a lot of duct tape to make sure you don’t have any gaps.

Step 6: Add a rubber band

We’re going to do next is to get a knife and poke little holes in the corner just like in the picture below.

Try it on…

Source: EugeneValkovsky

If you don’t have time and skills to make it, you can check out this N95 face mask. It blocks airborne infection factors <5μm in diameter or close contact with droplet-borne infection agents

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Corphinak said Thanks now I can ride in the same car as my mom and not worry about her smoking

Advanced Falcon said I think were all here for a diy weed gas mask but got mixed up

Batchelli said You forgot a flap/valve for breathing out.

MrBtw999 said the activated charcoal will filter out all the pepper spray/chlorine/smoke/sulfur/tear gas you have been pelted with as you resist the government….and when you are not anywhere near a hardware store and the grid is down, this is how you improvise….

bachkov said Dude, isn’t there are chance of inhaling dust from the active charcoal ?

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