4 Easy Steps To Make a Basic SNARE Trap For Squirrels

Step 1: Location, location, location

The number one reason people fail to catch wild animals for food is that they set up their traps at the wrong place. Therefore the chance of catching them is very slim.

You want to look for indications of trails or highways that rabbits, hares or squirrels travel. Find any nests in trees, holes in trees.

The bottom line is that you want to find the highest probability of spot to set your snare.

Step 2: Making snare stick

The stick is used as an anchor to hold the squirrel if the snare catch it.

One end of the stick should be sharpened a little bit so that you could hammer it to the ground easily.

Depending on how solid the ground is, you need to adjust the length of the stick accordingly

Because you will tight the paracord on the other end of the stick, you will put a notch on it so the wire won’t be slipped up or down.

Step 3: Making the snare wire from the gut of paracord

My paracord is a standard 557 strand paracord. This snare is designed for catching squirrels so the paracord is taken equal to the three hand lengths.

Just extract the guts

Make a simple overhand knot

Step 4: Set up the snare on the spot

Hammer the stick to the ground, the snare will be one hand length away from the stick

And one hand width off the ground

Use two small sticks to keep the snare open

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