[REVEALED] Step by step how to hunt bamboo rats for food

Step 1:

First of all, you need to locate the hole where they live but it could be an abandoned hole. Therefore we need to check some signs for that.

There are 2 obvious signs of them hiding in the hole.

– Fresh shits

– Fresh foods them i.e leafs or bamboo sticks

Step 2: Dig

The purpose of digging is to catch it alive. Before you start the job, you need to make space by chopping off high grasses and then check for the direction of the tunnel. Use a long stick to put inside the tunnel.

As soon as you know where the tunnel is heading, you can start digging.

Step 3: Dig

Step 4: Dig some more

Step 5: Take turn to dig . It’s gonna be exhausted job but it’s worth it.

Step 6: Dig deeper

Step 7: Widen the area surrounding the hole

Step 8: Dig with a dream and full of passion

Your dream is a giant hole now …

Step 9: “Dream” bigger

Dig a tunnel…believe that the bitch won’t get away.

Eventually , after 48 hours of digging, you catch the bitch.

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