They Laughed When I Set Up The Snare Trap- But When They Saw A Sand Lizard Trapped…

Step 1: Find a lizard cave

This is the most important step because if you set up the trap on an abandoned cave, the chance of catching the lizard would be slim to none.

In addition to that, a lizard cave has an oval entrance. This type of lizard live by the seashore. Many people mistake the lizard cage by the crab caves. Crab caves have round shape at the door.

What you look for is the cave having trails that lizards leave behind.( Signs of tail trails or footstep trails)

Step 2: Set up the trap.

The trap includes a piece of PVC tube ( the size is equal to the size of the lizard cave) , a wooden trigger, a steel stick, a string.

The snare will be put in one end of the PVC tube. The other end is for the wooden trigger to lean on.

When the head of the lizard touches the trigger, the snare will tight the neck of the lizard.

Step 3: Put the trap in place

This trap is place at the entrance of the cave.

When the lizard is captured , it will try to retreat to the cave. You don’t have to worry about the lizard dragging the trap somewhere else.

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