Have You Ever Seen This Cage Trap For Sand Lizards ?

Step 1: Find a lizard cave

This is the most important step because if you set up the trap on an abandoned cave, the chance of catching the lizard would be slim to none.

In addition to that, a lizard cave has an oval entrance. This type of lizard live by the seashore. Many people mistake the lizard cage by the crab caves. Crab caves have round shape at the door.

What you look for is the cave having trails that lizards leave behind.( Signs of tail trails or footstep trails)

Step 2: Set up the trap.

The length of the trap is around 25 cm which is slightly longer than the length of the lizard.

The cage trap has two square entrances . The size is around 3 cm for each edge. The bottom line is that you want the cage to fit the entrance of the lizard cave. Depending on the lizard caves at your area, you can adjust the size of the cage trap accordingly.

The trap is made of a net steel.

The trap has two entrance. One is for the lizard to pass through. This entrance is designed in which there’re like two boards of net steel making a v shape. But they don’t touch each other. There is a small gap between them for the lizard to pass through.

The two boards are bendable and you have to make sure that they’re easily bendable. The lizard has to be squeezed in easily.

The second door is for the hunter to get the lizard out.

There is a small tomatoes in the trap. It’s a bait.

The trap is wrapped by a sheet of paper . This will prevent sand to get into the cage.

Step 3: Put the trap in place

Now what you’re gonna do is to align the trap with the entrance of the cave and the tunnel of the cage. Make them a straight line by digging a little bit at the entrance.

Cover everything with sand but the entrance of the trap so that there is only one direction for the lizard to move out.

You may need to leave the trap there for 24 hours before checking out if there is any lizards captured.

You need to mark the location of the cage so you won’t miss it the next day.

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