6 Top Tips To Maintain Healthy Garden Soil For Earthworms

#1 Test Soil

#2 Prepare Soil

What others said about raising earth worms…

dennis labbe Years ago I started with 36 worms in October and by the end of May I was giving worms to my friends. I fed my worms scraps but most important a mixture of 3 parts flax seed, 1 part each of sesame and sunflower seeds all were raw and organic, ground in a coffee grinder.

I top fed the worms by sprinkling over the surface of the bedding about an eighth of an inch deep, I then sprayed water on the dry seed powder.

This mixture is a super food as it is high in omega 3 and 6 as well as a large list of chemical constituents of vitamins and minerals and various enzymes and nutrients.

I went from 36 worms to several pounds between 4 to 6 ibs in less than a year. My bedding was loaded with capsules and small worms continuously.

Jesse Rivera I grew worms on concrete and they grew to the length of and ~ the diameter of a pencil, dark red in color and quite well hydrated judging by their firmness.

I achieved it by piling soft soil and mixing it with vegetable matter destined for the garbage can, hosing it well, and turning it over once weekly. In about two months, I went out to shovel up the compost for my garden and found it saturated with the worms described above,

so I left it and when I overturned it again a couple of weeks later, I discovered I was a grandfather. I did not plant the worms, so I do not know their origin, but there they were.

R Riddle I did not come up with this idea but am implementing it in my raised beds and in ground around fruit trees.

Use 5 gallon plastic buckets and drill 1/2″ holes 2/3 up from the bottom and in the bottom of bucket as well.

Holes should be a couple inches apart max. Now create a worm farm; layer paper, compost and veg scraps.

Add a lid and bury 3/4 the way up bucket in ground. Keep adding kitchen waste periodically and adequate water.

The worms will go in and out of the holes to create an oasis of fertile soil around the bucket. I am going for buckets 6′ apart. When bucket is full of worm castings, empty.

Use on top of soil or gently mix in or part of seedling mix or whatever you need. We live in an arid climate, 14″ of rain is a good year. We have about 8″ of soil on top of sand.

Constantly making compost and chipping branches to improve soil. No bare soil, mulch with cardboard, wheat and rice straw and leaves. I have a 3 tier worm farm thing that I am over with.

Hoping the bucket idea will eliminate some work.

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Step by Step How To Attract Earthworms To Your Garden (Part 1)

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