Preppers Beware! – Stealth Angel Survival Kit Test

if you’re into prepping and survival, there are a lot of different options out on the market and more and more are coming. I’ve seen these ads for the stealth angel survival kit for a while.

Let’s just check it out see what it’s all about. They’re under 23 bucks. I bought this on eBay and they have them on Amazon.

They have them all over the place. A lot of times when we’re getting ready just for survival, we need to know if these items work. There’s nothing worse than picking up a kit like this sticking it in your pack and when the time comes something just doesn’t work or it breaks really easy.

First off we have just a small container. There are four different closures on either side and you do have a place to put a lock if you want to lock this down.

For 23 bucks I don’t know why you’d want to lock it down but if you’re ever in a survival situation these items could be priceless so but they could just take the whole box we’re gonna pop these open

This is the stealth angel outdoor and urban survival open it up. They say it is waterproof and if you’ll notice there is a rubber gasket that goes around it

and we’re gonna test it out

Item #1: Ferro rod

The Ferro rod does have the striker with it . It does have the handles so it’s gonna be easier to grab.

I kind of like that but we’ll find out when we’re actually testing it. It does come with a striker and you do have a nut driver which is probably quarter-inch

This actually could be a bottle opener as well. I did find it interesting that we have a ruler on both sides. Let’s test out a fair seam ride.

I’m gonna see if this really works well so holding it with Vaseline and cotton balls.

It puts out a pretty decent amount of spark but I think the line is a little bit short but not bad and it’s a pretty decent thickness. I mean five sixteenths or eight millimeters the handle itself.

You can grab it better than a little small little piece so that’s pretty effective on its own

Item #2: Tactical flashlight

Next we have what they call the tactical flashlight. It is an aluminum body having a clip. It’s actually screwed with little nuts or bolts near the push pad.

According to stealthy angel, this is supposed to be 350 lumens and I might give it that but you do have a focus ring so you can get it really tight or you can bring it out and get a little bit of a broader view

But one thing that’s great about this is that it does have double a battery capability which I really like. These are so easy to get so inexpensive but it doesn’t give you quite the lumens that you would get out of a cr123.

The battery though is not included. It does have a little orange seal for waterproof. We’ll test that to see if it is waterproof . I put it in the water with the light is on.

all right the light is still on after few second in the water. You might want to leave it in the water longer to see if the flashlight is still working.

Item #3: A little keychain light

We have a little keychain light for reading something small or get into a your keys in the door. It can go right on your keychain.

This is supposed to be 10 lumens

Item #4: Tactical pen

Next we have a tactical pen which has a little carbide tip on the end and a pocket clip. This can be used in a self-defense situation. I like tactical pens because they can pretty much get into anywhere .

Of course we have a pen that writes. This seems to be a pretty decent .

One of course here you can take the carbide tip off and you can remove your clip if you want.

One thing that a tactical pen has over your standard pen is that it is metal and it’s fairly thick in size so you’re able to really get a good grip on it.

Item #5: Aluminum whistle

We have an aluminum whistle. it’s one piece aluminum pretty nice . This can be great for signaling if you’re in danger. You can blow this and it’s got the key chain lanyard

This is supposed to be high-intensity. Stealth angel says you can hear that within a half-mile.

The best thing to do is for three blows means SOS. If you’re lost in the woods and people are looking for you. This is definitely a great option also again for self-defense.

If you’re in a parking lot or something and somebody’s you feel like you’re in danger you can blow this to draw attention. Whether you get help or not that remains to be seen

Item #6: Compass

Next we have a liquid-filled compass and it is pointing to true north. You do have your markings on the side.

but not a bad little compass

Item #7: 11 in 1 emergency tool

Next we have an 11 in 1 emergency tool which is about the thickness of a nickel. There’s a lot of different tools on it. One is your bottle opener and it works…

just hang on to it we have a can opener

We have a knife which is not really sharp

this knife is not that sharp but I think this would be better suited if you need to strip something.

You also have a saw blade on it. You won’t be able to saw through a wooden log but it can definitely cut.

We have a screwdriver and a wrench for different size bits and then we have another one for different size bits.

You have a place for your lanyard hole we have a measuring. This is all stainless steel. We have what they call the butterfly wrench and a compass or a directional finding .We’re gonna take a look at that and see how it works .

You need to magnetize a piece of steel, put water in here and it will face true north. You can also do that on a leaf on water as well.

It does come in this little vinyl case and especially with the sharp edges and it does have everything listed on this little card.

What do you think about this stealth angel kit ? Would you like to order it ? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comment box below.

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