You Won’t Believe 7 Forever Foods She Hid in The Mailroom…

Number 1: Water

Obviously it’s very important because we can survive only 3 days without water. It’s fine if you have purified water.FDA said that water in sealed bottles can last forever.

In order to store them, all you need to do is to keep them in a dry, cool dark place.

Number 2: Salt

Roman soldiers were actually paid by salt. It was a valuable commodity. There was a saying “A man worth his salt”

I store two types of salt. One is iodine salt and other is none iodine. Iodine salt can be spoiled very quickly.

Salt can help to preserve meats by removing moisture. You should store them in airtight ,watertight containers to keep them forever.

Number 3: Honey

In Egypt , people found honey in some of the pyramids which is 5500 years old and yet still edible. Honey can last couple thousand years. If you find moisture in it, all you need to do is to heat it up and strain it. It’s gonna get back to normal.

Honey sweetens foods and it has a lot of health benefits. It also kills bacteria.

Number 4: Sugar

Sugar will be useful in many survival situations especially for your ice tea ^^. You should keep it in airtight container.

Number 5: Distilled white vinegar

It’s highly acidic. It helps cleaning and use for cooking. It can also help to keep other foods fresh. Keep it in cold , dry, dark place.

Number 6: Pure maple syrup

It is a forever food. It is used for outside pen cakes. It’s resistant to microbial growth. That’s why it keeps the bacteria out.

If it has molds in any forms, you can remove them, boil it, strain it. It will get back to normal.

Number 7: Pure vanilla extract

It contains alcohol in it so it doesn’t support bacteria growing. It absolutely a forever food.

Number 8: Corn Starch

It is used for cooking. Egyptians used it for cosmetics and made adhesives. It takes care of sunburns. You can make deodorant out of it.

If you add corn starch with baking soda and coconut oil, it will help to remove stains.

You can even loose a tight knot with corn starch.

Number 9: Rice

Keep it in airtight containers

Number 10: Liqueur

It has a lot of social values in it. It will bring a smile to a lot of people. It is a morale booster. It can be used for bartering.

It can be used for medical purposes such as cleaning wounds.

What do you think about those 7 forever foods ? Do you have any food that you find it essential ? Share your thoughts and ideas below…

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  1. Dont forget hard beans. Also kept in a airtight container, they’ll last 30 years or more. I’m talking about the untouched bean. Never submerged or previously cooked.

  2. Great effort. I enjoyed reading your website. Obviously you have put a lot of effort into it. So keep up the good work. I’ll be back 🙂

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