7 Ways To Tell If There Are Hidden Cameras in Your Room

Hidden camera could be everywhere! They make a video of your naked body or your girlfriend or boyfriend making love each other in a motel/ hotel and sell in the internet! Just be very careful! this act is a criminal! Everybody needs to be extra careful!!!

What others said about spy cameras on social media…

Robert said The first way is to turn on your phone wifi and check for a strong signal. Any camera with wifi will show up.

Nurlinda F Sihotang said Q!. As an indonesian and a woman, this happens couple years ago in my country too. Several women capture by hidden camera in one of a mall’s public toilet and changing rooms. And then several tips to avoid hidden camera :

1. Always scours your rented room when 1st entering with all lights off, use your phone’s camera. The hidden camera often gives a green or red glows when viewed from your phone’s or any digital camera device. Better with video and dont take a photos with flash. Just look around. Do it carefully because you must do it in the dark.

2. Use your phone’s radio app or carry a portable/pocket radio and set it into AM bandwith, and walk all over the room. The wifi frequency will interrupts the AM radio waves and gives that “zing” kind of sound just like when your phone’s do when near an audio device.

3. Buy a frequency jammer. It’s illegal in my country, and must bought it in black market, and you wont be able to contact or be contacted or use internet, but at least you sleep peacefully.

MIRO9 said It’s so scary to think that my black ass might be in somebody’s files… Summer in Korea doesn’t sound as fun now.

Noonax said When I stayed in Korea the first thing I did the moment I arrived was search my room for spy cams. I found seven.

One was hidden in a small hole in the wall in the bathroom pointed directly at the toilet, two were in the light directly above the bath, and the other was placed in a decorative basket

Two were places on opposing sides of the bed (one hidden behind a painting on the left side and another in a small cupboard area covered in fake foliage)

One was hidden in an old shoebox in the closet. Always be thorough when searching (I had to pull a chair from the kitchen area to look at the lights in the bathroom)

lil kimmy said i found a spycam in a McDonald’s restroom under the sink, it was very badly placed so I found it the moment i sat down. It happened in Norway

manager-nim said I’m glad I never use public bathrooms, thank you my flexible bladder you always keep me safe

random guy said the best way to discourage spy-cam is to severely punishing the ones making ,misusing & distributing these spycams and heavily boycotting them

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6 thoughts on “7 Ways To Tell If There Are Hidden Cameras in Your Room

  1. If you take one of those red laser lights like you get at the 99cent store and shine it around the room or area you are in when the red beem from the laser the dot you normally see disappears but you can still see the beem up to the light itself.youve found a camera if you hold the beam on the cameras eye for 5 minutes the camera wll get blinded And stop working love disa v v b

  2. I wonder what all the readers would do or did to the cameras and camera man? I’d either smash it or I’d take it to the police or call the police and have em follow the frequency. What course of action do u think is best?

  3. This is a very useful piece of advise! My cousins live in like this old mansion and I was house sitting while they were in vacation and I saw this. Decided to test it out through the whole house(5 floors) I found dozens!!! What was ever creepier is I waved at one of the cameras I had found and my cousin texted me saying”why hello to you too.” ;-; weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. Luckely none were in the bathrooms

  4. I had people break in my house and set up hidden cameras and speakers. I know its illegal as hell to do stings and invade your privacy.
    Im thinking this way BC of some things that are going on to others around town and no im not involved in any illegal things but if anybody can give a few suggestions. It would be well appreciated.

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