[REVEALED] The Secret Way To Light Charcoal With Two Bottles Of Coke

Step 1: Cut Off The Bottom Of The Plastic Bottle

Step 2: Find Another Bottle With The Same Size

Step 3: Insert Another Bottle Inside The Green One And Remove The Cap

Step 4: Light Up Charcoal

3 thoughts on “[REVEALED] The Secret Way To Light Charcoal With Two Bottles Of Coke

  1. I’m a teen. I don’t understand. Do you through the bottles on the fire. This went over my head. My parents won’t explain it to me. They said learn to ask questions in the comments section. Please help

  2. Correct me if i get you wrong but we don’t throw the bottles to the charcoal to make the fire.

    Here is the thing. Your charcoal should already have a small flame on them. What you want is turn the flame into a big fire. Normally people use an electric fan blowing “wind” to the flame which. in turn, leads to a big fire.

    If you’re in a place where there is no way to use an electric fan, you could use you mouth blowing to the flame ( gonna be exhausted ) or you use the setting of two bottles above to direct “wind” to the flame.

  3. Well holy feck! I too didn’t get what was trying to be imparted.

    So Lex, next time ask someone who knows nothing about what you’ve written to read it and see if “they” have comprehended what you’ve written.

    I used to be a printer. Cardinal rule was proof read, proof read, proof read. Then get someone else outside of the printing department to proof read once more for any mistakes.

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