[QUICK] Step By Step How To Start A Fire With A Lemon

Step 1: You need the following items to start this experiment:

– A lemon

– 6 copper clips

– 6 sink nails

– A piece of wire

– Some steel wool

Step 2: Soften the lemon

Put the lemon between your hands, press it while you roll it back and forth.

The purpose of doing that is to have more acid liquid inside the lemon.

Step 3: Push the 6 copper clips and 6 sink nails on the same side. Basically there will be two rows. They are 1 cm apart.

As you can see in the picture, lemon juice ( acid ) get out at the clips which is good.

Step 4: Connect the first copper clip to the second sink nail, the second copper clip to the third sink nail and so on

Doing that will create the flow of electric current.

Step 5: Connect the first sink nail and the sixth sink nail. The sink nail will be the negative pole and the copper clip will be the positive pole.

This arrangement will create a battery of 5 V

Step 6: The next step is to put down a piece of wool and toilet paper as a tinder. Connect the two wires to the steel wool.

Keep two tips of the wires closer to each other to start a flame.

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