How I Built A Camper Bed In One Evening – Part 5

Step 1: Build two major bars for the bed.

The bar at the back door is made of three smaller bars . Two are wooden and the other is a metal bar which prevents bending.

The bar of the opposite side is metal one.

Step 2: Install four hooks on the walls for the two bars to lean on.

On the inside of the two major bars, screw a wooden rectangular frame.

Step 3: Measure, cut and screw wooden boards for the bed.

As you can also see in the picture above, you also need to screw four wood columns under the bed.

In addition to that, you need a T bar to support the weight of the bed.

This will help the entire bed frame to more firm.

Step 4: Build another half of the bed

In step 3, i showed you how to make the half that doesn’t move. It’s time to make the other half that slide above

As you can see, on the right side of the picture is the kitchen ( i ‘ll show you how to make it later) . And what i stand on is the two box of cabinets.

I will show you how the moving part of the bed from below. It is supported by the two boxes ( where i stand on).

By building two large boxes, you have rooms for containing other camping stuffs.

You need to use sink nails to attach a metal frame to all the boards.

This angle will help the job of sliding

Now you need handles to pull the bed

Use a rope to make two handles

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