Mysteries of The Protection of Iodine From Radiation Revealed

  • How to Survive a Nuclear Explosion.

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  • Nuclear bombs by country

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  • How Putin thought it was going to go

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  • Will iodine protect you from radiation?

    University of Manitoba biological sciences professor Gary Anderson discusses the facts behind ingesting iodine as a preventative measure for exposure to radiation..

An iodine is a very important molecule in regard to thyroid hormone function. Thyroid hormone is a hormone that is involved in regulating all kinds of tissues throughout our body . For it to function, it requires iodine.

There are two radioactive isotopes of iodine which are iodine 125 and iodine 131

Radioactive iodine may be taken up by our bodies and incorporated into thyroid hormone. The benefit of taking non radioactive iodine is that you are consuming a non radioactive iodine that will be taken up by your intestinal tract

As a result, non radioactive iodine will compete for binding with the radioactive iodine 125 or 131 and dislodging that radioactive iodine and giving you your body a better chance to to clear the radioisotope

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