All You’re Told About Making Fire Are Wrong Until You See This Fire Starter

As you probably know, many so called experts showed you how to make fire in the wild with sticks and tinder nests.

Everything looks like they do the job effortlessly but i tell you this… it’s NOT

Today i reveal a much easier way to make fire.

Step 1: Find a round thin stone and another one with sharp edges as a pecker.

Step 2: Use the sharp stone to peck and drill a hold through the round one.

It needs a little bit of patience…

Do the job on both side of the stone

Finally you will make it.

Step 3: Find a stick and push it through the hole

also find some fresh phloem to make ropes ( You need to tear large phloem into smaller ones).

Step 4: Twist the phloem to make strings and use those strings to make small ropes.

Step 5: On one end of the stick, you need to make a cut. It will be the place for the rope to hang on .

Step 6: Lay the middle of the rope on the cut end of the stick and tight them together with a string.

Step 7: At first twist the rope around the body of the stick. Then hold two ends of the rope and pull them inside out.

This tool will act like a drill with a dull end.

When the dull end drill through the stick on the ground, you will see a flame.

Basically , it ‘s a complete fire starter. It is good enough to use but do you want to see a cooler one which even uses less human effort to make fire ? Read on

Step 8: Find a thin stone so that you can make an arrow head with it.

Step 9: Find another stick which is wider in width. What you are gonna do with it is to drill through that stick with the arrow.

Drill on both sides of the stick

Step 10: Put the old stick on the new one and tight the rope to both ends of the new stick.

Now you have a cooler fire starter.

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