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First of all I do hope that you’re staying safe and healthy and prepared whether it’s natural disasters this pandemic or what has been striking up

Lately the riots that have sweet across the u.s. swiftly and fiercely. They’ve turned from peaceful protests into rioting and looting. That has happened all over the US.

This is not fear-mongering. This is fact now. I’m all for peaceful protests. I think that we need to peacefully protest and have our voices heard but now I think it’s all come to a head. People are frustrated.

People have been on lockdown for a couple months to hide away from a virus then we have a massive unemployment depression, suicides.I’m not going to go into conspiracy theories in this post but let’s focus on how we can stay safe and secure during these uncertain times of rioting and looting.

Make sure that you’re applying them to any future rioting or looting because this isn’t the first time we’ve ever have riots or looting. This has happened before plenty of times and so we need to be prepared for it.

#1: Stay away from large cities

First of all, steer clear of large cities. This is where these things are happening in downtown metropolitan very large cities (San Antonio, Dallas Seattle)

Now has it spread a little bit outside of like the downtown areas. It has in some instances though they really are mostly focusing on downtown areas . Does that mean that it couldn’t spread ? absolutely not and regardless whether you live in the city the suburbs, the country, it doesn’t matter.

You need to be prepared and stay away from the larger cities however if you do live in a major city, stay home, keep everything locked, keep all your security and defenses on high alert.

#2: Pay attention to news about riots in your area

At this time make sure that you are paying very close attention to what is happening in your city to the news, to the ham radio , to any resources and local social media.

Any eyewitness accounts that you can actually see of things happening and keep an eye on those things. While these things are mostly happening at night that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen during the day and then doesn’t mean that it couldn’t spread.

keep in mind if you must go to work with a grocery store , you must leave your house for one reason or another you want you to make sure that you’re taking extra precautions of that situational awareness.

#3 Ask To Work From Home

Stay in red alert when you are out and about especially if you have to work in a downtown area, ask your boss if you can work from home or just call in because honestly at some point you have to ask yourself, you know how important is my job over my life

If looters come to your place of work, let’s like if you’re having to work at night , try to park in places in which you’re not going to be blocked in keep your items as close to you as possible . if you wear a backpack or a purse or anything like that make sure that all straps are tightly secured. You’re not just letting it fly off into the wind

You’re not keeping one swing of the backpack on right, you’re keeping it securely to your body so that nobody can just come and yank it away from you.This might be tough but in these times of uncertainty.


“how to stop riots”

1980s China: ill give you few hundred thousands tips on how

Vthe Man

When I enlisted some 15 years ago our training batallion was part of a study conducted by the Ministry of Defense. Basically the study was done on marching, if we were going something together 1st company 2nd Platoon was always marching. 1st Platoon wasnt.

They did an interesting thing afterwards by showing us pictures of people asking us to guess their height and weight, almost all of us who did the marching thought the people were smaller than they were. They also did questionnaires where we shown that we were more aggressive, confident and assertive as a result of moving in a collective group,

Mary Soss

ATTENTION RIOTERS: Due to CoVid 19, please work from home, and destroy your own property. Thank you.

Next => Tip #4: Do not bring your kids to protest

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How To Survive Riots

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  • November 25, 2020 at 9:37 am

    This is good advice, I personally have 2 crossbows and several large, sharp knives. Anyone who wants to get into my home will have to get past my two staffies first, then IF they are successful, the crossbows will finish them off.


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