5 Easy Steps To Survive A Nuclear Attack From Iran

Iran’s president believes that Trump is ‘mentally retarded’ by launching airstrikes which leads to the death of Gen. Qassim Suleimani. He and his military generals won’t just sit there praying for their life. They’re gonna do something…

Those people are selfish. They only care for themselves not civilians like us. They will do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their own interests.

Iran could launch some nukes to United States Of America. All you can do now is to prepare for what could possibly happen … Follow these steps to save your ass.

Step 1: Prepare

Preparation is key. You always stuck on non-perishable food, canned foods and plenty of water.

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As soon as you’re packed, place this bag in a safe area so that when disaster strikes, you’re ready for the worst

Always be aware of your surroundings. You must locate any possible high-risk areas. These can include capitals, cities for any densely populated areas. If you are near any of these locations, you should plan on moving out or find a fallout shelter in the near area. Therefore when it strikes, you know what to do

Step 2: Take action

If you are one mile from the blast then you have a chance of surviving. If you’re any closer, you’ll burn like a demon on 4th of July so find a shelter or any solid wall or object will help protect you from the initial blast

Get as close as possible and lie on the ground, place our hands on your head

and cross your legs.

Finally prepare for the blast

As the shock wave passes, stay put and watch for falling objects and debris.

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Step 3: Find shelter

In case you survived the initial blast, you have to find shelter to avoid radiation. if you have enough time, get in a vehicle and drive perpendicular to the wind.

This will maximize the distance between you and the radioactive fallout. As soon as you’re in the shelter, get rid of any exposed clothes.

There are three types of radioactive particles including alpha, beta and gamma. The alpha and beta particles can attest the clothing so removing them is your best option.

However gamma rays are much more powerful and can penetrate through most non dense materials so grab any thick dense or heavy objects in order to block out these gamma particles,  stack them between you and the outside as much as possible to avoid radiation sickness

Step 4: Wait it out

You’re protected in the shelter. You will need to stay here for several days with the survival bag.  But if you have radiation sickness what do you do ?

Like i said above, you need water and foods to survive. Don’t drink too much water or you run out of it quickly. Everything outside is not safe because they might be infected by radiation.

Also don’t drink too little or you will be dehydrated. Learn more about 7 Signs About Dehydration That People Learn TOO LATE

Step 5: Find help

Soldiers and rescue teams will be on the move at least 24 hours after the blast. There might be held nearby. It’s worth the risk to get outside and find them. You will die without immediate medical attention.

To People Who Want To Whistle With Fingers But Don’t Know How learn about whistle with fingers could help you signal your position to soldiers and rescue teams.

Follow these steps so that when disaster comes your way you or your loved ones can survive a nuclear attack.

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BTG said : Who’s here after 3 January 2020 ?

1. Qashem sulaimani killing

2. Iran’s revenge

3. And trump said no war

Falling Bricks said :

Step 1: prepare

Step 2: go to your basement

Step 3: when you hear a blast go under your table with your arms protecting your head.

Step 4: don’t go out for the next 10 years.

Step 5: stop dreaming and realize you died somewhere around step3

Ella Bella said:

“Hide behind a solid wall…”

Does hardcore parkour and hides behind hay

evan said:

im most likely gonna forget everything when it happens

JohnnyWonton said :


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