How To Make No Sew Face Masks From Upcycled Tshirt in 5 Minutes

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Micheal Tzitz Did anyone ever think they’d be reading how to make masks for the year 2020? Crazy how a virus can change life and scociety. God Bless everyone.

Hi There Before you know it, I’ll be going to the grocery store wearing nothing but a mask because I’ve cut up all my clothes. Thanks

Dat Meme said Pro tip: put a single paper towel inside between the two layers. It drastically increases the efficiency, wicks moisture, and can be thrown away after each use before washing the mask.

Allison S. said I’m honestly shocked that I was able to make a mask without owning any sewing tools! Thank you!

Sarah B said You saved me!! I was 30 min from home, had to run in the store and forgot my mask. I literally removed the tshirt from under my sweatshirt, grabbed the scissors in my console and did a rather sloppy version of this.. but it worked!! Thank you!

Richard Triplett said I’m a 77 year old male and live alone and can not sew at all. The number of virus cases increase daily in the county I live in. This mask is the easiest and most comfortable mask to make and wear. you have an excellent presentation and I want to thank you for showing everyone how to make such a nice mask.

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