How to make a TRIP-WIRE ALARM (Part 2)

What others comment about this alarm …

Blargenth You mean tripwire ignition system…. for a claymore.

Cas Van De Riet So if a thief walks into my trap it will set my house on fire…. Nice!

Brandon Leon What’s the alarm? Forest fires?

Emily Wells How exactly is this an alarm

John Jones Next time I trespass, if I see a match flaring, I’ll run like hell. Scary things, matches.

pete luis “How to burn your neighborhood down with some basic things.”

Guy Calabrese In the army back in the day, we use to have tripwire mines that set of a magnesium flaremine that turned night in to day. They were supposed to be put up around defensive positions, but we had great fun rigging them around the latrine pit just outside camp😂

G00B3R91 This post is why California is on fire.

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