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Red Woodred Since I didn’t have the hardware easily available, I made mine without, using the knot on the mask ear pieces, and using a ranger bead in the middle to hold on the sliding ranger bead used to tighten the lanyard against my head.

When I wore it for the first time, I lost count of how many people asked me where I got it, and how to get one! This is a great idea, especially for those masks that have ear pieces that don’t fit, are too lose, etc.

This is the first time since the pandemic started that I haven’t had to adjust my mask, and I never had to touch it, only the cords of the lanyard! Thanks!


2019: flexing with money

2020: flexing with a lanyard on a mask

Linda Orlandi-Johnson I loved them both!! I think I would pick the one with the hardware. It would be much easier for my grandkids to adjust their masks in school. Thank you for a great tutorial!!!

Martha Wightman My 1st choice is with the extra hardware. RE: I have a lot of difficulty with my hands and this is far easier than tying and untying notes. But both solutions are excellent.

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Step By Step How To Make An Adjustable Length Face Mask Lanyard 2020 (Part 1)

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