The Amazing Fishing Secret Of A Desperate Sailor…

Today i will show you the proper way to fish at sea ( step by step ). Obviously, it’s not by using a regular fishing rod. Just throw it away because you can only catch small fishes with it.

Step 1: Go get the following items:

– 15 meters of rope

– A double ended spear gun.

Step 2: Tight one end of the rope to your boat and the other end on the gun.

Step 3: Look at your family for a while just in case that is the last time you see them.

Step 4: Jump into the water and swim along.

Your woman could look at you like you’re crazy but just don’t give a fuck.

Step 5: There will be not long before the fish swim right behind you and try to swallow you. Hold your breath and let him do that…

When you are half way through his stomach, pull the gun trigger and the spears will kill the bitch.

Step 6: Collect the body and make a dinner with your family on the boat.

You need some salt and pepper. They are perfect for a grilled fish.

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