Gun Owners, Beware! – Gun Confiscated in 2021

If you have an AR-15 or like type of guns, you should dismantle them. In other words, what you need to do is separate the upper from the lower and store them away from each other.

In the state of California by separating them, if cops with a warrant want to look at it, all they’re gonna find is just a bunch of gun parts.

Storing them that way allows you to keep your gun legally at your home. The reason is because it’s not a functional firearm.

There might be a time when cops from DOJ knock on your door. They might ask you if you have any firearms while they don’t have any legal warrants.

Keep this in mind… do not answer them and do not let them in . If you happen answer them and your answer would be “NO, you don’t have any firearms”

Just so you know, what those cops do is called knock-and-talk. They knock and they want to talk to you and ask you questions. They want to ask you if they can come in and also if they can look at your firearms.

The reasons they want to ask you questions is because they’re trying to gather evidence against you. Therefore, never answer any questions that may get you into troubles.

The only answer is “No. Have a nice day” and then close the door.

If they show up with a legal warrant, you have no choice but let them in .You also have to let them look for the things that they want to look.

From now on, in order to prepare for such an event like that, my advice to you is don’t store anything illegal in your house. For AR-15 or those types of guns, take them apart and store them apart.

If you’re going to take them out of the state for hunting, take your rifle and put it together once you leave the state and take it apart before you come back in the state

That’s the only way that I know of that you can avoid getting arrested for these types of guns.

So first and foremost take the guns apart. Second of all, if it’s DOJ or any other law enforcement knocks on your door, don’t answer the door. If you happen to answer the door unwittingly with these cops, the answer is no.

Do not go outside and talk to them. Tell them you are not answering any questions, have a nice day and close the door

If you get arrested, shut up and hire an attorney. Don’t do anything. Don’t talk to cops because you can’t talk your way out of jail but you can certainly talk your way into jail for a very long time.

What others said about gun confiscation on social media…

Thermalburn said As a Marine myself, the day i ever get the order to disarm the american people is the day i become a deserter. I am 100% confident that 75% of my unit would do the same as well.

R. Weaver said Too late, civilians are killed for refusal, and labeled extremist. Our founders were also labeled extremist.

Gecxid Rureel said The constitution clearly states that the right to keep and bear arms is to protect U.S. citizens AGAINST OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Any act of confiscation is an act of treason against the U.S. constitution and therefore a valid reason to use deadly force against those acting for the government. CASE CLOSED.

Eric Wilkes said A true patriot will not ask for our guns.

Rick Picone said Counter gun confiscation by not voting democrat.

Henry Pregnall said The Clinton Administration 1994 Waco Texas burned 30 children alive for gun confiscation

Anon Anonymous said Gun confiscation is already happening in the United States. Red flag laws.

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8 thoughts on “Gun Owners, Beware! – Gun Confiscated in 2021

  1. I would also like to add NEVER TALK ON THE PHONE about anything you don’t want the cops to know, because they are listening to the call for panicked people to have someone help them get rid of or hide whatever else that may be there that wasn’t found.

  2. Good advice from my father who was a judge in my country. Even if you are as guilty as hell.
    Never ever admit to anything and do not volunteer any information.
    Just shut your mouth and say nothing

  3. Do you have anyway of downloading and printing your articles? I am disabled and not on the computer for long times and I like to download and then print to read and put in a notebook of helpful articles

    1. Suppose that you view my articles on desktop device. All you need to do is to locate the “File” on the tool bar of any website browsers , then find “Print”. The web browser will ask you to save the article in form of PDF. Choose it and then you can print out that PDF file to paper form.

      If you’re not clear with my help, you can search on Google about this topic for more details.


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  5. I was hurting for money to pay Bill’s and I sold all my guns st s gun shop with the people that were in line to buy guns
    . I didn’t want to lose my home.


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