Have you heard about making a tent out of plastic wrap ?

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  • How to make a tent out of plastic wrap-Part 1

    Did you hear about making a tent out of plastic wrap ?

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    Ian Nicolai: Good thing i have 9 rolls of plasticwrap with me everywhere i go.

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    Amazing Bushcraft Tent made from Plastic Wrap!.

  • How to make a tent out of plastic wrap - Part 3

    Here is such an interesting hammock- tent.

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Randy Tyler Does Stuff

When you like being in the woods but also hate nature.

Charles Rose

THANK YOU! I LOVE THIS IDEA!! I can only imagine how it must feel laying in this!? Suspended in mid-air, literally surrounded by nature! Nothing to obstruct your view, but still protected from the elements!! Well done!!!!! Yes it’s plastic! But the nylon, pvc and polypropylene that most modern tents are made of, is just as harmful to the environment when hey are left behind. This beautiful young lady packed everything out with her and left NOTHING behind! Can you say the same!?

Madison Cox

Also yes thank god I always carry ten rolls of restaurant grade plastic wrap with me when I backpack through the woods and I never had a use for it until now THANK YOU I knew that they would come in handy one day my instincts are really keen

Aldain Walker

And imagine if everyone who goes camping followed this tutorial and set up one of these on every camp site they visit, can you imagine the irreparable and extensive pollution this would cause with non degradable plastic wrapped around in campsites all accross the country

Wesley Antinetti

β€œDid you pack the tent?” β€œNo, but I did pack 6000 feet of plastic wrap”

Kevin Burch

That was really neat, not going to lie. But I think being able to see everything in the forest that’s around you at night would freak me out

The Smackster

When you forget the tent but you have 13 rolls of plastic wrap

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