3 Mind Blowing Steps To Escape From Zip Ties In Record Time

If you ever get Kidnapped or old man Jenkins has you tied down about to get frisky use this guide

Step 1: Place the locking head up towards the sky and make sure h is directly between each hand so that the locking head is tenter of your body.

Also make sure the zip ties are as tight as you am make them by pulling the tie with your mouth. (For two zip ties. interlock the heads with each other while being center of your hands)

Step 2: Raise your hands as high as you can go and then thrust both hands towards your lower chest (lust below your ribs) and flex your core with all of your strength.

Pretend you are trying to touch your shoulder blades together while sliding your forearms across your core like you are trying to put your hands behind your back.

Step 3: Now this will beat the locking mechanism for the cuffs and you are now free.

What others said about this topic on social media…

Barney Likes Kids said : Nice, now I will be able to escape from my uncle’s basement. Thanks

Eduardo G. said : Probably kidnappers are reading this post so the next time they will put 10 instead of just 1.

Rami said : Can you make a how to escape from friendzone ?

HelioMoonWave said so now if I ever need to zip tie somebody I’ll make sure to tie their hands behind their back. Solved.

Pratyush Sharma said : Thank you man ! We really appreciate what you are doing for us. regards- Kidnappers community

Tilted Irelia said: thanks dad …im finally out of prison now

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