Do this if you want to save money buying soil

  • Grow herbs with plastic bottles

    The real secret to grow herbs with plastic bottles .

  • Cheap soil

    Soil is expensive! Fill your raised garden beds like this instead!.

Courtney Pruiett

You just solved my biggest reason for not doing raises beds!

What the hell do you type here

FYI, sticks will limit root growth. Additionally, larger sticks will take YEARS to break down.

Michael Scott

Grandfather would use square bails to raise his beds.


just dont use lawn clippings, the smell is horrid. happy growing! 🥰

Little Barn

I also throw in a big bag of shredded paper and whatever else I’ve got around like straw etc


Great advice but for those wanting to apply this everywhere — do not lay cardboard against your house! That’s a termite buffet


It’s a great idea. After watching a similar video, I started preparing the garden. I also thought that a lot of soil substrate had to be laid. 😂

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