My Honest Opinion On Glock 43 & 17 (Part 2)

Glock 17

Next up we have the full-size so this is the Glock 17 . we’re getting a full four and a half inch barrel here this thing is designed a little bit more for range shooting

you can see the grip is a little bit longer here. you can easily get your whole hand on here. Depending on your back straps you know if you have big hands if you have small hands it’ll come it’ll accommodate it’ll accommodate any size hand very very well

it’s easy to shoot, it’s smooth to shoot, the longer barrel the bigger grip just makes it so that you can be a little more accurate time after time consistent with it

yeah it’s definitely meant for range. I personally wouldn’t conceal carry it out of the magazine, here you’re getting 17 rounds so you’re only getting two more rounds out of that 19

and that extra length on the barrel and on the grip makes it that much harder to conceal so I personally wouldn’t get this one for concealed carry

you know if you’re a bigger frame you want a little bit bigger gun, it’s not impossible, it’s just not what I’d recommend for concealed carry. this is definitely a range gun I want to practice with, want to feel good with one …two. That’s easy to shoot

Glock 34

Right and last but not least in the lineup we have the big boy. this is the Glock 34 so this is sort of the match style gun out of the group. This one has a 5.3 inch barrel and this one comes in at 26 ounces.

so you’re just adding one more ounce on there but you can see it’s got finger grooves here this thing easily. Once again full size grip fits any size hand very well

the 5.3 inch barrel makes this thing a breeze to shoot very very low recoil high accuracy consistent shooting gun. you’ve also got a little bit of a ported slide here to make it a little bit lighter

Yeah it’s a good gun. This one is definitely definitely made for that range time. if you’re a competition shooter it’s obviously great for that but it’s not really concealed carry gun

it’s something that would work fine for I guess home defense and stuff like that but this thing has definitely made for range time if you demand high consistency accurate shots low recoil, this is definitely the way to go

I enjoy shooting the 34 probably the most out of any of this lineup just because it’s so fun and accurate and just awesome to shoot but it’s a nightmare to concealed carry

it’s 5.3 inches on the barrel. it’s just not meant as a concealed carry gun. if you’re looking for a range gun, that’s just a blast to shoot. that’s competitive to shoot and you demand a really good shooting gun, the 34 is fantastic for that

once again 17 full size option 19 is kind of your mid-sized kind of does it all option 26 if you’re looking for a concealed carry kind of only option, I was a little more capacity and then the 43 here

if you want that single stack that easy super easy to carry slim style but you’re only carrying six rounds once again that’s the lineup for the 9 millimeters

if you want those in 40 or 45 most of these sizes are available just hit up Glocks website and you can learn more about what size that carries over to but that should give you kind of a basic idea of what Glock should fit what you’re looking for

Anyways that’s all I got for today. I hope this post was helpful, was insightful and yeah if you have any questions leave them down in the comments below.

What others said about them …

Howard Lovecraft Im waiting patiently for Glock to release enough different models to eventually need a Glock 69. I dont even care what size or calibre it is…it will be sexy sounding.

Darren Bolling Get as many as you can and use them according to situation / dress etc. I personally own a 42, 43, 19, & 21

Vutha Preng Bought a Glock cause it’s plain and simple. Original cool gun

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