My Honest Opinion On Glock 43 & 17 (Part 1)

Today we were talking about which Glock is right for you. A lot of people have narrowed down what handgun they want to the fact that they want a Glock but then there are so many different Glocks.

I don’t know what you want to choose so that’s why we’re here today. so as I mentioned you narrowed it down, you know you want a Glock. You’re just not sure which Glock you want

Now obviously first of all you want to figure out which caliber you’re looking at so generally speaking we’ll stick with that 9 40 or 45

there’s also 380 if you know you want to be sort of in that concealed carry really small option for the sake of this post we’re gonna go with 9.

I’m going to show you all the different options in 9 and then you can carry those across pretty much to 40 and 45 depending on just which size of gun you want you can find

pretty much all these sizes in each caliber but 9 is a fantastic option if you’re looking at something that’s easy to shoot at the range that you know will help pack enough punch for concealed carry

you can have a good peace of mind about it. it’ll also carry a lot of rounds so you can hopefully get a lot on target as well as home defense whatever it is

you want 9 is a great kind of medium 40s gonna give you a little bit more the rounds are a little bit hotter a little bit bigger bullet stuff like that

and then a 45 you’ve got a real big round. it’s moving a little bit slower a little bit less capacity but it is a real big round

ok so anyways we’re gonna stick with 9 millimeters here in front of me. in terms of size I’ve got from smallest to biggest an we’re gonna work our way up through those

Glock 43

so let’s start with Glock 43

this is the Glock 43 this is the smallest of the bunch of 9-millimeter so this one the biggest thing is it’s a single stack. you’re gonna notice that the width is a lot smaller than the rest of them

and that is because the magazine is a not-so staggered that it’s going that it’s making that that magazine wider which is making the gun wider so this Glock is meant for concealed carry

you know the the slim nature of it makes it easy to conceal against your waist whatever it is the barrel length is coming in at three point four inches

so it’s the smallest barrel out of the bunch and it’s weighing only 16 ounces so that is really light. it’s got all the same standard functions you know you’ve got your big magazine release here

this magazine is holding six rounds so if you’ve got one in the chamber you can have a total of seven rounds on you

you know same trigger same drop safety everything safety wise is internally. we’re not going to talk about what makes clocks clocks because you’re already here,

biggest thing to remember about the 43 is that single stack it’s small it’s light it’s meant for concealed carry so concealed carry is really your only thing you’re worried about

43 is a fantastic option for that next up we’re gonna step up to the Glock 26

Glock 26

now this one again is meant for that concealed carry option. The big difference though is that we have a double stack so the rounds are staggered here allowing you to carry a little more

this one carries 10 rounds so you’re getting four extra rounds in the magazine here as well as if you want one in the chamber

you’re looking at 11 rounds which is awesome for a concealed carry gun it is gonna be a little bit thicker a little bit heavier but still very very concealable.

this barrel is still at 3.4 inches but we’re at 22 ounces now so we’re definitely going up in weight a little bit but yeah so I’d still say this one’s primarily concealed carry.

it’s not the most fun to shoot at the range you know it’s got that short little you kind of missing your pinkie there on the grip so it goes underneath there

there are some grip extension if you want to get your pinkie on there otherwise just tuck that bad boy under wrap your hands and it’s not too bad to shoot

but it’s not super fun to shoot at the range so this is definitely definitely a concealed carry centric gun

Glock 19

Next up in the lineup we have the Glock 19. This is your compact size so this is right in the middle. it’s a fantastic sort of compromise between all the sides.

it’s got a long enough barrel length. here is four inches so it gives you a little bit more stability at the range stuff like that but the biggest difference is that you can now get your entire hand on there

your pinkie has a spot to go so it’s still an easy gun to shoot at the range. you can shoot this all day and it’s not kill your hands. it’s not gonna be awkward to hold but it’s still small enough to concealed-carry

you’re also getting five more rounds so this magazine is gonna hold 15 rounds so obviously great for concealed carry obviously great at the range

so you’re not reloading all the time wait why is your at 24 ounces here so you’re only adding two ounces from that Glock 26 and you’re getting that pinky on there

so this is personally my choice for concealed if I’m going with this with a 26 I do like the 43 for complete you know easy summer carry or something like that

but if I can wear a jacket I can wear a hoodie or something to conceal a little bit easier I’m going with the 19 over the 26 . it’s easier to shoot the range and it’s it’s not too much harder to conceal.

What others said about them on social media ?


Glock 19: “you’re also getting 5 more rounds in this mag so 15 rounds”

Me: cries in Californian

Jessie Bicdeek

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Boys during summer: which glock is for you (back to school edition)

Anglosaxon 19 for me, 43 for the Mrs, perfect. Oh wait I live in Australia so I’m just dreaming smh….

Jim Bob I’m 23 and just graduated college. I cant wait for my first career job. First paycheck is going toward a glock 19!

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