If you have a steel bottle, i’ll show you how to turn salt water into fresh drinking water.

Step 1: Remove the lid and any gadgets that make a seal of the bottle

You don’t want to choose a steel bottle with a double wall to insulate the liquid inside. You need a simple non insulator bottle with a steel lid.

Step 2: Drill a hole all the way though the lid.

This will make place for a piece of copper tubing . Make sure you pick the size of the hole equal to the size of the copper tube. A little smaller is fine.

Drill a tiny hole near edge of the lid. The reason of this is that hot air gets out from inside the lid through this hole as we heat it with the torch

The holes look nice by drilling. If you don’t have a driller, you can use a sink nail or things similar to it to make holes then widen them to your desired size.

Step 3: Push the copper tube through the hole

Before doing the tub job, clean the surface of the holes with sand paper.

When you hammer the tube through the hole, make sure that the tube is sticked out 0.5 inch from both sides of the lid.

Step 4: Solder the tube to the lid from both sides.

Before doing the job, you need to paste plenty of flux around the holes and on the lead free plumbing solder.

Now when everything is done, you can start soldering

You need to seal the small hole after you’re done with the two major holes.

Step 5: Reinstall the silicone gadget

Step 6: Connect a longer tick of tubing with the one on the lid using a right angle compression fitting

On end can be pressed and tightened down to lock it.

The other end can be removed . You can get rid of the tube sticking out. It’s not needed.

Put a little piece of rubber into the lock nut before screwing back onto the fitting. This makes an airtight seal that keeps water steam from leaking out.

When you use this end, just pop the rubber out first.

If you have a right angle stainless steel compression fitting like this, it’s also fine.The bottom line is how you understand the job, it doesn’t have to be exact items.

Step 7: Take 1/4 inch copper tubing and wrap around the body of the bottle. Make it 8 to 9 turns.

Water steams will be recondemned by moving through the copper tube. Bend the ends of the coil outward. This will help position the coil correctly for collecting water.

Step 8: Add salt water to the bottle and start boiling water

Use a big camp stove to fasten the job

Place a cool towel on the coil to help the steam turn into water more effectively

Even better, use a bowl of salt water to fasten the job.

Finally , you have turn salt water into drinkable water with this simple kit.

What others said about this kit on social media…

tommihommi1 said It is perfectly fine to drink distilled water, as long as you eat food. Normal drinking water contains so few minerals compared to your food that it might as well contain none.

K said : A lot of steel water bottles have a non-stick coating inside. Also important to make sure that yours doesn’t before boiling water in it.

cjmpaja said This will be very useful in the coastal communities of countries that are frequently hit by typhoons/hurricanes/cyclones as this lets them get drinking water from the ocean…

MrChaes said Spreading the copper coils apart will lower the amount of heat one coil will transfer to the next. It allows cooling air or water to reach all sides of every coil. I like your design. Very compact and usable.

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