7 Things Preppers Do Immediately After SHTF

Don Evenson

I told my wife, if anything ever happened when I wasn’t around,

#1 arm yourself and go get kids from school.

#2 fill up as many containers with water as possible including filling the bathtub, while water still works.

Alpha Omega

I would recommend conditioning your body for for traveling, at the very least stay active. Your feet could be your best friend or your worst enemy

E-TN 94/65/64/75

Each trip to any store, any store, something gets picked up for a rainy day.. even if it is plastic bags or aspirin or contact lense cleaner.. Think Basic to avoid not having the basics.. Blessings

Paul Gregg

My biggest problem is that my immediate family do not believe that there is a real danger on the horizon and so do not want to prepare!

They all believe that tomorrow will be exactly like today is and how yesterday was. No one takes Ayn Rand’s quote seriously… “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!”


I’ve spent 16yrs prepping my house for SHTF. Got myself a farmhouse thats 26min walk from the nearest population centre.

We grow our own vegetables, have some chickens for eggs and meat. A natural spring gives fresh water; solar and wind for electricity. Enough food in the basement for 3months for the family.

We can totally lock down and secure the property in 11mins (myself, wife and daughter all have specific roles). Most importantly, my house doesn’t look out of place.

It’s a fortress that looks like any other farmhouse in the area, so we don’t attract attention. Few years back we had a really bad winter and were snowed in for 2weeks. Main power went out. We hunkered in and lived like everything was normal.

Prepping doesnt mean going for zombies or apocalypse, but just for the bad times too. Storms, power outages or just being stranded. One of the most important things we learned we needed was entertainment.

We had the food/water/power we needed, but being stuck in a house together will send you mad. Deck of cards and a couple of books can go a long way to alleviate tention

Head Banger take the black friday madness as shtf drill

Heidi Cook Having just gone through hurricane Michael I had an opportunity to test my Preps and find a few holes. I live in a very rural area most everybody has guns. But I found Sheltering in place easiest and being blind I have an advantage over sighted people

— I don’t need light. In fact after the hurricane I had friends complaining that they couldn’t do anything after about 6 or 7 at night cuz it was dark. I was able to continue my usual routine and do some crocheting because I don’t need the light.

Being blind I know where everything’s at in my house and can get to it quickly and easily. I had a neighbor who kept insisting I needed to go to the local shelter.

But as I tried to explain to her in a shelter I’m in an unknown place with a bunch of unknown people and I can’t always see what they’re doing so it’s safer for me to stay in my own home by myself.

Tina Gallagher I was homeless in San Antonio TX for nearly 3 years. I learned how to “go gray” VERY quickly. Using your morale of “fat man in a skinny place” scenario, realize that just about everyone is going to ration food and lose weight when it’s realized that help isn’t coming soon.

The prepper needs to do the same.

NO “full meals”- ration food as if nothing else is coming for years. Lose weight with everybody else. Begin now to teach family members/friends to KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT about anything stored.

Your Dad was in the Army- I’m an AF Vet. The WWII “loose lips sink ships” isn’t just a saying- one blabbermouth or slip of a tongue can get you killed for what lot or little you have stored.

Touchstone Jean

Been prepping for years. But, the unknown is a scary thought. Can never have enough water. Spices and SUGAR will be wort there weight in gold. Ammo ammo ammo!

Alexander Dredd Rule #1—Cardio…The fatties are the first to go…

JP Clinton Preparedness is no longer an ideology of craziness; it is a sound and responsible method of resiliency. People should no longer entirely DEPEND on their government in times of crisis or disaster because that system and its public safety elements WILL BE overwhelmed.

Calls for service WILL BE prioritized, and the response to simple mundane 911 calls will be extremely delayed.

REMEMBER that public safety personnel are most likely experiencing the same hardships as the public and it is my guess that many (Depending on the magnitude of the crisis/disaster) may not report, cannot report, or may abandon their post to protect their families.

People may be under the false assumption that first responders have their own houses in order to deal with SHTF, but I will tell you that is a FALSE assumption.

Many first responders are NOT prepared and have many of the same attitudes towards major calamity as the general public. YES, we may be above average in specific areas such as first aid, security, and resourcefulness BUT those skills can only take you so far.

Be responsible for yourself and your family teach them the basics of first aid and security and do NOT place your entire plan on the government rescuing you.

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