7 Things I wish I knew Before I Bought My First Ruger GP100 Revolver 357 Magnum (Part 2)

Now one of the big pluses of the GP 100 is the grip design and we’re gonna go ahead and remove these grips that’s a real small screw right here it just drops the actually the panels out then we have a plug and you can push it through.

we’ll take our screwdriver just pop it and that keeps the grip into place now once we take this off we have a rectangular peg design now the big advantage to this is that we can put on a square bite but we can also put a round butt grip on here especially for concealed carry

if you want to kind of bring that down, this allows you to transition a lot of times with the Smith & Wesson’s they were either square butt or round butt

and so you were kind of stuck with either one with this if I want to get around but you know grip I can put that on and it really fits nice and then if I want the full size grip which I really would want especially shooting full Magnum loads this is really comfortable

and one thing you’re gonna notice is this small little brass pin and this actually there’s a little cavity that it fits into so when you pull your panel off this little pin is gonna fall out

and this is a disassembly pin now if you want to look and see how to disassemble the GP 100 I mean you can go to the Ruger website and they have tech tips it’s really simple and it does break into three parts

but we’re not gonna get into that today let’s drop our pin in the slot and then we’re gonna take this side

and go ahead and get it into place so that will retain that pin you wouldn’t push up on the grip get it into place here

and then we can put in this little peg or slug just like that that our grip back on screw it on let’s check double action trigger pull with our alignment trigger gauge from Brownells nine pounds seven point four ounces

and that’s about what we were getting the whole time.

Single action five pounds five point eight ounces and that is pretty consistent with what we were getting and the weight of the GP 104 inch two pounds seven point four ounces

this is not a light handgun in fact this Hickok said you can use this as a boat and we have some 38 special this is 130 grain Full Metal Jacket we’re gonna try some of the 38 specials this is Fiocchi ammunition and then we’re also going to be using one of their 158 grain

and this is the cmj 1220 feet per second and we’re also going to be doing some other more high-powered but we’re just going to test this out for initial testing

there’s something about taking a revolver to the range that just really slows things down it’s a totally different experience than when you’re shooting a semi-automatic especially the high-capacity polymer frame striker fire pistols you know there’s just something about that double action smooth trigger pull or you know single action just bring it back

it’s a very versatile handgun and it’s very reliable and that’s one of the reasons why police units all over the world carried these for a long time

now there were a lot of 9-millimeters out there but nine-millimeter really hadn’t come into its own as a self defense round until much later in the 357 magnum at that time was king

and one thing about the GP 100 is you could load this thing up to the max now it’s really soft shooting it’s fairly heavy and so the recall really is fairly light now

unfortunately I left my full house power loads from my 357 Magnum we did have the Fiocchi 357 Magnum which is moving pretty fast and he gave us an idea between the 38 special and the 357 Magnum but it was such a pleasure to shoot because of the weight

and you know that shroud at the front too it gives the barrel enough weight I mean this is not a light firearm but it’s definitely comforting with this caliber and especially with the capability that this gun has

now while revolvers as far as for self-defense have gotten to be more old-school the kids really enjoyed shooting it because of the weight because of the recoil and it really surprised them how much they liked it it’s just again it just slows things down

it makes it smooth you have that full double action trigger pull and of course you can shoot it single action as well and it just gives you a lot of options and so if you don’t have a good 357 magnum revolver I mean this one is my personal favorite

and the accuracy is not shabby either pros and cons you can shoot about any kind of 357 Magnum through this handgun it is built like a tank it is solid the lock-up design the heavy frame no side plate you can take the grip and put a round butt on here easy enough which makes it really nice especially if you were gonna carry this concealed but just our next point this is a very heavy firearm

and so it’s gonna be a little difficult to carry could do it for open carry but for concealed carry they’re guys that can do it but I’m not one of them smooth super smooth trigger pull all the way through

and again I really like how it kind of hesitates right there to be able to get that good single action feel to it sights are excellent and again you’ve got different barrel lengths the grips are really nice

but then again you can get the whole grips that are more modern so really there are no cons to this pistol it’s really more or less what are you gonna use it for

and that really falls into whatever your needs are but for me this is a perfect 357 revolver and I’m really excited about finally having one of these GP 100’s so guys if you go into a local gun shop

and you see those revolvers over in the counter and you just think that’s the old-school that was for a different time I think you’ll be surprised at how much fun a revolver can be again it just changes your shooting experience at the range

and I think you’ll find a lot of pleasure in taking an old double action single action revolver out and putting some rounds through it especially if you get those high-velocity Magnum loads plus it gives you some capability that semi-autos just can’t match unless you have a 10 millimeter

and I want to thank myself for buying the GP 100 this has been awesome be strong be of good courage god Bless America long live the Republic.

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