Beware Pandemic! Hoard These 17 Items While You Still Can

It’s better to be prepared now than be sorry. All of these listed are highly antiviral and antibacterial.

They build up your immune system naturally. Also if you do get sick, continue to take these and it helps fight viruses naturally. Same with pneumonia.

1.Colloidal Silver drops

2. Black seed oil capsules

3.High doses of vitamin C

4.Vitamin D with K (5,000 IU’s) Elderberry syrup or longes

5.Manuka honey (raw, organic 5+ or higher)

6.Garlic capsules

7.Olive leaf oil

8.Oregano oil

9.Eucalyptus oil


Have on hand NOW before it comes to your area…Not when it happens!

1.Medical gloves

2.N95 masks

3.Safety goggles or glasses

4.Antibacterial soap

5.Hand sanitizer

6.Lysol spray


8.Lysol cleansing wipes

9.Cough syrup

10.Breathe easy tea

11.Vick’s vapor rub

12.Tylenol or ibuprofen for pain & fever

13.Cold medication

14.Eucalyptus essential oil

15.Cough drops


17. Extra medications you normally depend on and if you easily suffer asthma or lung issues make sure to have extra albuterol inhalers.

18. Alcohol for medicinal or disinfectant purposes or your sanity

MOST IMPORTANT: Non perishable FOOD for at least a month or more.

1.Bottled water

2.Toilet paper and necessities

3.First aid

4. Food for pets

5.Flashlights, candles, etc.

6. Extra blankets.

If a crisis comes and you aren’t prepared. People panic and food and supplies go fast. You can be rest assured to already be prepared.

Most places hit with vi ru s can’t get masks or supplies. It’s hard to find them online even now because people are hoarding them to sell at extortionately high prices.

I live in America. We had a hard time finding them even at hardware stores. We don’t even have an epidemic yet but the supply is low. That’s a warning to not be complacent or assume you can just go get some.

If you have them now and this vi r us doesn’t come then at least you will be prepared for other emergencies. Your money won’t be wasted. Peace of mind for being prepared is worth it!

What others say about this topic on social media ?

Axiomatic75 said I stocked up on most of what you mention over the past 2 weeks. I would add a nebuliser to use the colloidal silver with in case of pneumonia.

Cipi SixZeroFour said Too bad nothing on that list works on viruses

Jenn W said to Axiomatic75 I tell you the Manuka honey is probably the most useful and strongest natural remedy one can take. It’s considered a medicine. Because it’s that’s powerful. It has to be from New Zealand and it must be 5+ or higher. It tastes amazing so it’s not hard to use. You can literally apply it to a wound to heal. It fights infection. I recently had a abscessed tooth and I rubbed it on my gums three times a day and it killed the infection. I also took colloidal silver drops. Manuka honey is great for colds and sore throats and coughs and infections. Really powerful stuff. I’ve used it to fight pleurisy in my lung before.

Jenn W said to Cipi SixZeroFour That’s not true. Colloidal silver works great on viruses. Garlic is a natural anti viral. On the onset of a cold take garlic and it stops it quickly. Manuka honey is very effective against viruses and bacteria. Many drs who are knowledgeable about infectious viral disease have said that high doses of vitamin C are very effective in healing viruses. So is all the items listed. If you don’t think it’s effective fine but the truth is they do work. I have a medical background in nursing and studied natural medicine. Natural medicines often work better than man made ones.

What do you think ? do you have any ideas or thoughts you want to share ?

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