13 Lessons About Home Invasion That People Learn TOO LATE – Part 5

Tip #14: Prepare a tactical night stand

Defense also includes defending yourself and in the unlikely event you’re in this position, you do have to do some more pre-planning. I like to call it a tactical nightstand.

We all know that we are most vulnerable when we are asleep so having everything readily available next to you is a good idea. That’s everything from a flashlight, a weapon of some sort, a way to maybe even set off your car alarms

so make sure your car keys are nearby and of course make sure you got a cell phone that’s charged all the time ready to call 911.

The weapons you could have in your tactical nightstand is everything from a pistol to bear spray to Hornet spray. Anything causes pain against that bad guy at a distance.

If they get really close and you find yourself in a fight. You could have a SAP. You could have a roll of quarters in your hand. There’s Tasers and even a baseball bat.

It’s up to you but make sure whatever weapons you choose, you’re comfortable with and that you know how to use them because the last thing you want is that they could be taken from you and used against you.

Tip #15: If you’re in a fight, fight for your life

If you find yourself in a position where you’re grabbing a weapon and actually fighting for your life remember that’s exactly what it is you have to fight for your life

meaning your violence has to be equal to or greater than your adversaries so you give it everything you’ve got.

Tip #16 : Increased distance, increase survivability

Make sure you keep your wits about you. The goal is to inflict pain, incapacitate knock them out whatever it takes so that you can get distance between you and the bad guy. Remember increased distance increases survivability.

There are two kinds of predators. There’s the ones that want your stuff and then there’s the ones that want you.

The ones that want your stuff come during the day. The ones that want you come at night.

No matter the time of day or the kind of predator decides to try and break into your home, take time to implement just some of these tips and you’ll be much better off just in case that home invasion happens to you.

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