13 Lessons About Home Invasion That People Learn TOO LATE – Part 4

Tip #10: Replace all door screws with 3.5 inch wood screws

Usually when a doors installed it uses really short screws on the hinges the strike plate and also anything that holds the lock in place inside the door.

What you want to do is go around and replace all the screws with three and a half inch wood screws and really anchor down the hinge points, all those hinges is usually three of them, replace all the screws then move to the other side of the door and replace the strike plate and all the screws holding the lock in place with three and a half inch wood screws.

What that does is it reinforces the integrity of all those things that are keeping people out in.

Tip #11: Add 3.5 inch wood screws on locking side into door frame

The last thing you want to do is add three and a half inch wood screws on the locking side into the door frame itself about every foot up the door and down the door from the strike plate

so now when the bad guy kicks your door in, its gonna probably take him depending on his strength five to ten times . just because you reinforced it which puts time on your side

Tip #12: Install protective window film

These days they make all kinds of different films that can go on your windows that are actually used for hurricanes but what’s great about them is you can throw a brick at these films once they’re on a window and it won’t break the window.

There are some films out there that actually stop bullets. So it’s pretty low cost and nobody will know it’s there but it will prevent your windows from being penetrated.

Tip #13: A good defend starts with a plan

If you are the victim of a home invasion now it’s time to defend yourself which is d number . A good defense starts with a plan and your plans do not need to be complicated.

In fact keep them simple. It really boils down to three things.

1. Having meeting places both inside the house and outside the house

These are like rally points where everyone in the family is going to consolidate so that you can get a good head count and sure everybody is safe.

2. Routes

The second piece is routes. That’s pretty self-explanatory that’s how you get to the meeting points.Have primary and secondary routes .Sometimes that includes going out a window so keep that in mind.

3. Communication

Make sure everyone can communicate with one another. Someone upstairs may hear something and they can send a text to everybody else in the house or it’s something more like setting off the alarm and everybody knows “something’s bad happening let’s get out of here”

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