13 Lessons About Home Invasion That People Learn TOO LATE ..

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My name is Clint Emerson. I’m a retired Navy SEAL and now crisis management professional. Today I’m gonna provide you with some valuable tips on how to survive a home invasion.

There are an estimated 3,000 home invasions per day in America alone so please read and follow my tips. They could save your life.Before we discuss home invasion, first I’m going to talk about how to prevent it altogether and then if it does happen, I’ll give you some tips on how to survive it.

Tip #1: Lock the garage pedestrian door

Let’s start with the garage. Believe it or not most bad guys go to the big garage door as their first point of entry and the reason being is they know they can get into the garage and into the home through the garage pedestrian door.

The reason of this is that most of the time it’s left unlocked. So lock that inside door just to be safe.

A lot of times you have a garage door with a garage door opener on it which uses a remote and draws the garage door up and then draws it back down when you leave.

If you ever take a look at a garage door opener, there’s a cable hanging down with a handle on it and that’s so you can disengage the garage door opener

and then freely open and close the garage manually. When the garage is closed that cable is hanging dangerously close to the skin of the inside of the garage in the wall .

What bad guys will do is they’ll take a hanger, they’ll straighten it out, put a little hook at the end and they’ll feed it in between the top of the garage door and the garage door frame

and by doing so it allows them to grab that garage door emergency release and pull on it and disengage the garage door opener.

That allows a bad guy now to open the door from the outside and then he can go in the garage and close it behind him and be inside your house doing whatever he wants without anybody ever knowing.

Tip #2: Cut off the garage door release handle or ziptie garage door handle into bundle

So the way to prevent this is either take that garage door release handle and cut it off or you can move it all the way up to the top and zip-tie it into a bundle.

whatever you do you just want to make sure that it can’t be hooked and that’s really what you’re trying to do there.

Tip #3: Get a solid core or Aluminium door

So now as we move around to the let’s say the front door. You want a solid core door or an aluminum door and then we also think about locks but what’s more important than locks is actually all the hardware holding everything in place.

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andy easy: “if you rob my house ur gay” sign

S. L.Rose said “Have a tactical night stand” Me: nods knowingly as my night stand is covered in water bottles

Irish Technical Thinker said Painted my home in full camo. Can’t even see it.

dsdfdsd said The fact that I feel like i need to watch this bothers me

Hemavathi A.V said Bad guy: so this is what people will try to do.

Jake Nicholls said Another tip: protect human life only. Stay by your bedrooms if you’re planning to defend yourself don’t go all hero for a TV you can replace at a garage sale.

Soul Assassin said “Your violence has to be equal to or greater than your adversary’s…”

Your Local Poop Dealer said People that watched Home Alone once: I was made for this

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