13 Lessons About Home Invasion That People Learn TOO LATE – Part 2

just keep them out and do whatever it takes to do so and we always think about doors and windows.

Tip #4: Make it look like someone is home

You want bad guys when they look at your home or look at your property , they say to themselves “never mind I don’t want anything to do at that place”

And the way you do that is light it up. Illumination is a great tool to keep bad guys away. if they do approach and let’s say they’re standing along a wall at your home, they’re gonna feel naked because the light shining on them.

Your neighbors will be able to see what’s going on around your home at any given moment and call 911 for you which is the ultimate goal is to get third parties to help you.

If you’re inside you’re not going to know that they’re lurking outside so light up your property.

Tip #5: Make sure your life seem unpredictable.

One thing for sure bad guys do not like is unpredictable events. You need to add some unpredictable things to your lifestyle. That could be something as simple as kids toys on the front porch or in the front yard or it could be the fact that you have dogs

but if you don’t have dogs then you could put up some beware of dog stickers or signs to allude that you have dogs .

if you don’t have kids and maybe you could lean a skateboard up against the wall near your front door

but one thing for certain bad guys want nothing to do with a home that they can’t figure out the pattern of life for and so if you’ve got kids and you’ve got dogs , that is great. If you don’t then pretend you do.

It’ll keep them away.

Tip #6: Give the illusion of robust security

Another way to deter them is to have the illusion of robust security and that can be as simple as alarm stickers on your windows or even a security sign in your front yard .

Source: BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

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John Ashcraft said I’ve been a cop for 14 years and I’m here to tell you: this guy KNOWS what he’s talking about.

e c c e d x n t e s i I a s t

“Ones that want your stuff come in the day”

“Ones that want YOU come at night”

My god that gives me chills

Randomstuff said

Me: puts a skate board on the front wall of my house to fool trespasser Trespasser: steals skate board instead

strawberi tip #6: talk to your neighbors

what if your neighbors are the ones who plan to rob your house

George Iscooking. Got a sign. “There ain’t nothing in here worth dying for.”

buildmorefarms100 said If they get into your home, say “Ive been waiting for you!”

kawika dav said I saw a sign that would deter any robber, it said: trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again.

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