13 Lessons About Home Invasion That People Learn TOO LATE – Part 3

Tip #7: Get a security system

Detecting the bad guys has become relatively easy. These days because technology has become inexpensive and readily available, the security systems can do everything from not just detecting the bad guy but identifying them and hopefully getting them detained.

Tip #8: Place cameras in the areas for the highest quality images

A lot of times, the cameras that come with these security systems actually are pretty high quality. They’re inexpensive but keep in mind a technician who installs them isn’t necessarily a security guy

so you’ve got to be cautious of where you place these things. For example if you have a camera at your front door but you know the Sun rises or sets right on that front door . That’s going to affect the camera and the quality of the imagery that it can grab.

So make sure you put your cameras in places that can get highest quality.

another mistake is a lot of times cameras are installed so that when you look at it on your phone or an iPad or your laptop you see this cool image of your entire living room or maybe the whole backyard but that’s not gonna get you highest quality images of the bad guy.

You’ve got to put those cameras in a place that get the proper field of view so you get highest quality images of the bad guy.

Tip #9: Talk to your neighbors

The easiest way to detect bad guys and it’s something that’s kind of gone away is simply by talking to your neighbors.

So take time to get to know your neighbors. Let them know when you’re coming and going. After you build a good relationship and trust then you can look out for one another

and if you see something odd, it’s as easy as a text to let them know that “hey I think I see something weird in your backyard or hey there’s something going on down the street”

but by communicating with one another in your neighborhood is really the first way and the best way to detect any anomalies or bad guys that might be cruising through.

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