7 Mind Blowing Ways To Use Coffee Filters

One thing that’s really common especially if you drink coffee is coffee filters. There are a lot of different sizes and types like basket type or triangular shape.

The great thing about coffee filters is they are cheap.

We’re gonna look at 7 ways to use coffee filters in a survival situation.

Survival use #1: Keep flies and Insects Off Your Foods

If you’re hiking or camping and you set your food down and you’ve got flies that are flying around which is a very big annoyance, just take the coffee filter cover it up. You can keep those flies and insects off of your foods .

Survival Use #2: Collect clean rain water

Take your coffee filter, place it over the jar. You can take something to tie it down and you can capture water in the morning.

By doing this, you can collect clean rain water without the leaves or debris.

Survival use #3: Fire tender

Coffee filters burn really nice

Survival use #4: Use as a mask

Survival use #5: Keep your skillet pan clean

You don’t even need to wash the pan, just use coffee filers to clean it.

Survival use #6: Share a dirty plate

if you’re having to share a plate or a dirty place, you can put your coffee filter down and put your food on a clean coffee filter

Survival use #7: Use it as a funnel

We can use this as a funnel so I’m gonna put two of these together just to keep the seepage down a little bit fitting, trim off the edge

Water is still gonna seep through the filter a little bit but you’re going to get most of it

Survival use #8: Start seeds alfalfa sprouts

You definitely get the idea also starting seeds alfalfa sprouts. Give it a little bit of water and you’ll have sprouts growing in no time

For alfalfa seeds, you can eat those directly but this also gives it a good starter for the spring to be able to get those little sprouts to be able to plant.

Survival use #9: Make notes

Obviously if you need to make notes, you can use them as papers.

Survival use #10: Make a cup of tea

If you need a spot of tea, you put tea leaves in the filter. You’re gonna seal this up, take some twine, just tie this down and then just put it in hot boiling water

Before long you’ll have a nice cup of tea for tea tine.

Survival use #11: Make a bowl for dog food or cat food

It is much better to put the dog food or cat food in a bowl rather than just on the ground where all the dirt and everything else gets in it.

Survival use #12: Use it as toilet papers

if you’re out of toilet papers, coffee filters make a decent surrogate. they are better than leaves.

Survival use #13: Contain baking soda to absorb odors

Baking soda is known as odor absorber. if we take our filter, put some baking soda in there and we’ll just take it and wrap it up into a ball and drop it down in your shoes or your work boots

It’s much better than dumping baking soda in the bottom of your shoes. It will gets on everywhere.

When you get ready to wear the shoes, pull the bag out and you have nice fresh footwear.

Of course this can go in your bug out bag, your car and a number of different places to absorb odors.

What others said about the uses of coffee filters…

spyderxtra777 I use a coffee filter for survival every morning!

AP Van Put one serving of rice in the filter, tie it off, put in soup can full of water, cook over campfire…when done, remove from can, open filter, then eat the rice!

justin olfart After you soak up the grease off the bacon you can save it and use it as a fire starter

Bearfoot Outdoors When its hot out, take one of the bowl style filters, wet it down, and place it under your hat. It really helps to keep your head cool.

lastniceguy I put spices in a filter like rosemary etc and tie it with kitchen twine when making pot roast or stew.

Ronald Jackson The large 13 inch filters from Gordon Food Service can be placed into a food colander and set on top of a Berkey water filter to prefilter very dirty pond water to prolong the life of the Berkey filters.

Leslie Paul Kovacs Use it to gather Tinder, when it’s Full of Fine Stuff, take it back to Camp and light your Fire. Instant Bird Nest!

Cavaughn Haynes One of those white coffee filter bowls can come in handy when working with small and easy to lose hard to find screws, pins, and springs. Ask me how i know.

If you have any ideas or thoughts that you want to add, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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